About Kristina Woodall

In 1996, Kristina obtained her Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Regis University in Denver, Colorado and opened her own psychotherapy practice in Dillon, Colorado (situated quite perfectly at over 9,000 feet in elevation and surrounded by a majestic veil of cloud-supporting mountains).
Kristina soon discovered, however, that “traditional” therapy lacked the equipment and traveling tools necessary to reach the depths of truth that existed deep within mind and emotion, body and feeling. She then trained at the Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Institute (THI) in Boulder, Colorado and became a Certified Transpersonal Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Certified Transpersonal Medical Hypnotherapist.
(Transpersonal hypnotherapy is a natural extension of Transpersonal Psychology, the fourth wave of psychology which recognizes the spiritual potential of human beings.)
Her areas of expertise included transpersonal journeywork (emotional healing; working with the unconscious mind; mind/body therapeutic practices; and ego strengthening); Jungian complexes and archetypes (working with archetypes in a transpersonal context; developing inner resources; and archetypal guidework); retrieval work (hypnotic regression therapy; healing early childhood trauma; abreaction/reframing; working with introjected parent figures; and inner child work); shadow work (Jungian dreamwork and active imagination); sub-personality therapy; resistance and problem solving strategies; phobias, weight management, smoking cessation, pain/disease management, work therapy; pre- and post-op therapy; hypnodontics, allergies, and natural childbirth.
In 2004, Kristina moved her practice down to the beautiful and healing environment of Boulder, Colorado. At that time, she became an Integrative Life Coach (helping clients build a complete physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual tool chest that would enable them to weather the storms of the passage on this planet and climb to the heights of their wildest dreams). 
In addition, Kristina has now completed two novels: Dance for the Rain (about a young woman overcoming her fear of change and finding passion in the turmoil that is life) and Sight Seeing (the first in a series of paranormal suspense novels about a reluctant psychic/hypnotherapist who fights to protect the mountains behind her Colorado mountain town).
Enjoying her journey and trusting her knowing, Kristina now spends her time working with clients as their personal Integrative Life Coach, working on her next novel (Ghost Time, which is about a woman who must face the sins of her past -- past life, that is -- in order to find healing and forgiveness in this lifetime, before it’s too late yet again…); spirit trekking up and down and around and beyond the illusory mountains of this life’s journey with all of her fellow spirit trekkers, and physically trekking up and down and around the very real, and very tall, mountains that hold up the Colorado sky.

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