Fiction Novels by Kristina L. Woodall

Sight Seeing -- A clinical hypnotherapist and reluctant psychic, McKynna Lane believes she is used to things that go bump in the mind. Until, that is, she is assaulted from within by a horrifying recurring vision of her own fiery death. Rejecting the relentless inner sight for an external passion to save the environment, she chooses to focus heart and soul on standing up against a corrupt ski area seeking to expand into the untouched forest behind her Colorado mountain town. A choice that ends up sending her on a collision course toward the very spot she knows she is going to die -- or the very spot where she is beginning to believe she may have already died, in a past life. 
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Dance for the Rain -- Life sucks. Yep, sucks you dry. At least that’s what Callie Wainwright, a 23-year-old would-be writer thought when the storm came and -- without warning and definitely without her permission -- swept the face of change across every part of her life she’d once believed to be solid. Ignoring the warning to adapt or die, Callie found it much easier to just sit down on a cold kitchen floor tracing out little black lines in the linoleum, thinking about how easy things used to be back when (you know, back then) than about moving on. But hey, it's always easier looking backward than facing forward, right? Damn right. So, up off her ass, Callie jumps in her car, sans money or toothbrush, for a road trip to find what she thought she’d lost. Instead, she finds that if you don’t pull your head up out of the past and look at what’s right ahead of you, it’s just a matter of time before you run right smack dab into some old gray metal clothesline pole in somebody else's backyard in Telluride, Colorado. Because life is change, and just as there is a time to grieve and a time to mourn, there is also a time to get up and make life happen in new ways and in new colors; a time to get up and dance for the rain.
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