Monday, February 20, 2012

Trees of Mystery

Walking in the trees is always a spiritual experience for me (I am, a Woodall, after all). Several years ago, however, it was more like an awakening.

I was engaging in a grounding meditation where you focus only on the present (the colors of life around you; the texture of the air; the scent of a blade of grass) and whenever a thought about a past event disrupts the flow, you simply say “past” and re-focus; whenever a thought/worry about a future event disrupts the flow, you simply say “future” and re-focus.

It’s a very cleansing meditation/self-hypnosis experience.

Anyway, completely within the moment, I noticed the most beautiful silky white aspen in my path. Unable to resist, I went to the tree and placed my palm on its bark.

Eyes closed, deeply relaxed and full of respect, I saw (within a few seconds) a single large eye looking right back at me. Perfection. Large. Beautiful. Clean and full of life.

Thrilled, I moved to another tree and to another…and found that if I remained still and in the moment, I could always see an eye. Sometimes, depending on the species and the age and the state of the tree’s health, it was darker and more full of cobwebs and…yes, different emotions…but an eye. Sometimes open wide. Sometimes partially closed. Sometimes looking right at me. Sometimes looking away.

Since that time, I have been quite the tree toucher (always honoring the space) and have found again and again that there is far more to a tree than meets out external vision. You have to be able to see within, to be in the moment, and to respect the gift.

I’ve shared this with friends, family, and clients -- and it amazes me how easily people can connect with the trees and with their beautiful mystery -- and see the eye.

Next time you’re near a tree that calls to you, place your palm on its bark and, with respect (or it won’t work) close your eyes and open your inner sight.

Then come back and share what you see, feel, hear, taste, and know as a result of your ability to be still, respectful, and in the moment on your spirit trekking journey. 

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