Friday, February 17, 2012

A Rose by Any Other Name

I sometimes have a very hard time praying to God. That is, when I seek out for the Light and call It “God” I feel more distant, more formal, and more fearfully subservient (thanks to some dark childhood experiences with that name) than when I nestle down into meditation/self-hypnosis/prayer and reach out for “Abba” or for “Spirit” or “Great Spirit” (following my Native American roots). I feel a distinct emotional difference in the ways I seek, and receive, the Light that I am trekking toward when I use different names.
When I’m happy, and I know it, I trek toward the Great Spirit (and feel the warmth of the sun on a golden autumn mountain meadow). When I’m distressed and seeking guidance, I hike up to Abba (and feel the safety and protection of a comforter). And, when I’m grateful for the beauty that I see all around me, it’s just one big, “Thank you, Pumpkin!” (And how fun is that?)
But, no matter what name I use, I know I am simply reflecting a different facet of the diamond.

When you reach out to the Light, what name do you use? God? Abba? Holy One? Father? Mother? The Universe? The Source?  
Does it make a difference in your trekking?

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  1. When I reach out to the light, I reach for the creator (God. I do not think that it matters the name we use, just that we know that he or she is there. There is comfort in knowing the light is there for our journey ahead. Thank you for this bueatiful site.