Tuesday, February 28, 2012

All Hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis -- The Truth is in There

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.
That was one of the first gems of truth I had to give to all of my clients as their Clinical and/or Medical Hypnotherapist.
I couldn’t make people cluck like a chicken or bark like a dog -- unless, of course, that was something they wanted or needed to experience.

Nope, as a trained guide, my job was to simply teach them how to journey down into the relaxing, restorative, healing place deep within all of us.

Call it meditation; call it prayer; call if self-hypnosis -- but call it! It is exquisite.

Trek on down to your core and experience the colors, the textures, the sights, and the sounds that enable you to lose the weight, snub the addiction, heal the trauma, gain the confidence, win the job, embrace the love, embark toward the light, and find the truth.

Your truth.

Because the truth is in there!

Had an experience with hypnosis? Have a question about self-hypnosis? Want to know what part this glorious and quite necessary self-indulgence plays in a successful spiritual trek?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Trees of Mystery

Walking in the trees is always a spiritual experience for me (I am, a Woodall, after all). Several years ago, however, it was more like an awakening.

I was engaging in a grounding meditation where you focus only on the present (the colors of life around you; the texture of the air; the scent of a blade of grass) and whenever a thought about a past event disrupts the flow, you simply say “past” and re-focus; whenever a thought/worry about a future event disrupts the flow, you simply say “future” and re-focus.

It’s a very cleansing meditation/self-hypnosis experience.

Anyway, completely within the moment, I noticed the most beautiful silky white aspen in my path. Unable to resist, I went to the tree and placed my palm on its bark.

Eyes closed, deeply relaxed and full of respect, I saw (within a few seconds) a single large eye looking right back at me. Perfection. Large. Beautiful. Clean and full of life.

Thrilled, I moved to another tree and to another…and found that if I remained still and in the moment, I could always see an eye. Sometimes, depending on the species and the age and the state of the tree’s health, it was darker and more full of cobwebs and…yes, different emotions…but an eye. Sometimes open wide. Sometimes partially closed. Sometimes looking right at me. Sometimes looking away.

Since that time, I have been quite the tree toucher (always honoring the space) and have found again and again that there is far more to a tree than meets out external vision. You have to be able to see within, to be in the moment, and to respect the gift.

I’ve shared this with friends, family, and clients -- and it amazes me how easily people can connect with the trees and with their beautiful mystery -- and see the eye.

Next time you’re near a tree that calls to you, place your palm on its bark and, with respect (or it won’t work) close your eyes and open your inner sight.

Then come back and share what you see, feel, hear, taste, and know as a result of your ability to be still, respectful, and in the moment on your spirit trekking journey. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

A Rose by Any Other Name

I sometimes have a very hard time praying to God. That is, when I seek out for the Light and call It “God” I feel more distant, more formal, and more fearfully subservient (thanks to some dark childhood experiences with that name) than when I nestle down into meditation/self-hypnosis/prayer and reach out for “Abba” or for “Spirit” or “Great Spirit” (following my Native American roots). I feel a distinct emotional difference in the ways I seek, and receive, the Light that I am trekking toward when I use different names.
When I’m happy, and I know it, I trek toward the Great Spirit (and feel the warmth of the sun on a golden autumn mountain meadow). When I’m distressed and seeking guidance, I hike up to Abba (and feel the safety and protection of a comforter). And, when I’m grateful for the beauty that I see all around me, it’s just one big, “Thank you, Pumpkin!” (And how fun is that?)
But, no matter what name I use, I know I am simply reflecting a different facet of the diamond.

When you reach out to the Light, what name do you use? God? Abba? Holy One? Father? Mother? The Universe? The Source?  
Does it make a difference in your trekking?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Annoying Line -- Glorious Light

Many years ago, standing in an insanely long and slow check-out line at a grocery store in the mountains, I was one cranky person. Mad about the line, mad about how slow the clerk was, mad about how slow the customers were -- I was just plain mad about everything. Didn’t these people know that I had places to go and people to see and, for heaven’s sake, mountains to climb (because, after all, it was a Saturday)?

Fuming to the point of steam escape, I suddenly felt a stillness settle in all around me. Then the time-space continuum shifted (or I went temporarily insane) and I saw the most glorious light moving in and around all of the people I could see. What I thought separated us was just an illusion. The people around me were not, in fact, flesh and blood, white and black, large and small, American and European -- they were all just light. Luminescent light. It was as if, for a second, I was given a glimpse of our true nature and our true connectedness.

It wasn’t the first time in my life I’d had such an out-of-the-normal experience, so instead of freaking out I was very, very still and drank it in. And smiled. Big time.

All of the annoyance filtered away and I understood in that moment that we are all the same; we are all of the same -- spiritual light. I was intensely a part of everyone around me and even though we were on separate journeys to discover our own distinct amazements, we were all one.

We are all one. On a spirit-trekking journey to climb high and fall low; to love and to hate; to learn and to teach; to grumble and to cry; to wonder and to ask why.

And this, my fellow spirit-trekkers, is a place to share our stories, our experiences, our fears, our doubts, our dreams, our nightmares, our highs, and our lows. This is a place where we can travel together and support each other on the journey.

So, let’s be off -- to the edge of the mystery and beyond the veil that separates the illusion of cranky and slow and mad about nothing to absolute pure perfect joyful luminescent light!

Post a story, an experience, a dream -- and let’s muse the Mystery!